Throwback Thursday

Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine

I think my first encounter with Fiona Apple was hearing about her new album, Extraordinary Machine, which had been leaked onto teh internets alongside rumours that her vision was being squashed by evil record label executives who refused to release it, or something along those lines, so of course I had to download it from Napster or whatever was in vogue at the time and I loved it…

Of course it turned out the story was kind of back to front, and the leaked version was not the version Fiona Apple wanted to release, and when her approved version finally came out and I bought it, it felt kind of… bland.

In a still very good sort of way. While it felt like a lot of the character and joy of the leaked version was missing it was still a most excellent album. The title track is a powerful wee beastie of empowerment.

Anyway, here’s a spotify thing.

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