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Ghetto Kumbé: Ghetto Kumbé

I think I saw this on Cory Doctorow’s twitter, specifically…

…this youtube video:

Honestly I’m working right now and I’m not sure of what else to say other than I like it, but there’s some good chat about it at this review:

Ghetto Kumbé’s self-titled debut album is hypnotic, frantic and quite possibly unlike anything you’ve heard before. Caribbean house beats and electronic rhythms alongside a cacophony of traditional Colombian instruments, the gaita flute and most importantly the drum, tambor. Co-produced with a sprinkling of UK bass by The Busy Twist, this is a homage to the group’s roots with a new lease of life. At a time when Colombia remains under strict lockdown, and with the country’s politics crumbling, this tension spills over into the tracks on the album.

I don’t think there’s much more to say – either you like this or you don’t.

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