Throwback Thursday

The Prodigy: Fat of The Land

1997? I remember being a student in Glasgow and the posters going up for this and the first tracks coming out and it feeling like a good time to be alive for music…

The Prodigy had previously only really been on my radar for a few singles but primarily for tracks like Charly Says and Out of Space, then came Voodoo People on repeat on the TV and it was a bit OK what’s happening now.

Fat of The Land took that formula and made a fine fusion of sounds that to some apparently became known as electronica which was a bit of a crap name for what was an essential part of the soundtrack to a certain era. They feel a little bit like the last punks before corporate banality moved in, parents didn’t like Keith Flint (RIP), so it’s a shame that every album I’ve listened to since sounds like an attempt to recapture the unrepeatable. At the same time, still nobody sounds quite like them, though it feels like Pendulum did try. One man’s opinion. But this album? Not a bad track on there.

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