Throwback Thursday

Aficionado: Aficionado

One upon a time, when torrents were a thing, SXSW used to publish a big fat bundle of music from bands that were playing and I used to download them and I reckon there’s still tracks on those lists I’ve never heard. Over 700 songs from 2005 alone. I *think* one of the bands I did listen to and liked enough to buy the album was Aficionado.

On the surface they are just another light punk rock outfit but there’s a lot more going on – a seven piece with instruments that aren’t guitars – including a flute, a bit of lyrical playfulness, a bit more soul, a male and a female vocalist. As is often the case with interesting bands, they called it a day in March 2013 and while they seemed to start touring again for a while I can’t see any activity since 2018.

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